Special Services

Notice of Child Find Activity
If you know of a family with a child experiencing developmental delays in coordination, language and or conceptual development, please have the family contact our office to arrange for professional advice/evaluation: 

(908) 276-5936 or e-mail: michele_tiedemann@kenilworthschools.com 

Our main office is located in the administrative wing in the rear of Harding Elementary School at 426 Boulevard.   

 Members of our district child study teams are building based. 

Members of our team are as follows:



Michele P. Tiedemann

Director of Special Services

Denise Cantalupo
Secretary to the Director of Special Services & CST

Brittany Desch

School Social Worker (Brearley MS/HS)

Rosanne Barilla

Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (Brearley MS/HS)

Dr. Ewa Lavin

School Psychologist (Brearley MS/HS)

Carol Carrara

School Psychologist (Harding)

Jennifer Ruopp

Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (Harding)

Michael Maraviglia

School Social Worker (Harding)

Regina O'Connor

Speech-Language Therapist

Kristie Fowlkes

Speech-Language Therapist
Bonnie Holt

Speech-Language Therapist 

Assunta Abdelaziz

Behaviorist, BCBA

Dr. Jaime Hill

Occupational Therapist 

Carol Sheridan

Physical Therapist - Trinitas Hospital